VIDEO: Dr. Anuj Shrivastava’s Batshit-Crazy Conspiracy Theories

I saw this video making the rounds on WhatsApp, and the premise of this gentleman Dr. Anuj Srivastava’s little lecture is intriguing: why are Indian media outlets so derogatory?  That they spew lots of hatred is certainly true.  And the video starts out with a calm and intelligent tone that led me to believe this might be an interesting few minutes and I might even learn something.

However, the good doctor’s explanations are absolutely batshit crazy!  To take just one example that really caught my attention, he claims without any evidence that CNN-News18, the CNN India partnership formerly known as CNN-IBN, is funded by the “Southern Baptist Church,” and that is why the channel is anti-Indian, anti-Hindu, liberal, and leftist.  One by one, he claims that all of India’s major news outlets, including NDTV, the Times group, the Hindu, and India Today are all totally compromised by foreign governments or religious groups.  Just a tiny bit of research would show that the Southern Baptist Church has nothing to do with CNN-News18.  Why in God’s name would they want to sponsor that news channel?  Also, this doctor does not practice in the US though the video would have you believe he is based there.  I am not doubting his medical abilities here.

You must watch this video, and not just for a good laugh.  There is no doubting Dr. Srivastava’s sincerity.  There is no better example of the Indian society’s biggest faults on display: a penchant for batshit crazy conspiracy theories, whining, and blaming anyone else except themselves for India’s massive problems 70 years after the British abandoned India.

Mahanth S. Joishy is Editor of usindiamonitor


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  1. Dr. Anuj Shrivastava’s claims he is Dr at NM medical center 6, Opera house French Bridge, Mumbai -6 India.

    Hi , I am Dr. Anuj Shrivastav a cardiologist in Mumbai , this is message posted


  2. Indradev Medharthi

    ओम् नमस्ते महोदय।


  3. I am trying to get in touch with Dr Anuj Srivastava Via mail.. Can anyone share his mail ID.?


  4. Anyone who purses through Indian media reports know ,they try to propagate perverted ,paid news of vested interests.The fact of the various media connections and biased reporting brought out by dr.Anuj is an undeniable.


  5. He is a fake. Not mentioned which hospitals he works with in Mumbai .


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