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ANALYSIS: Tragedy in the Temple

courtesy The New Yorker

Mahanth S. Joishy is Editor of

The  fatal shooting of innocent people at the Sikh temple (Gurdwara) in Oak Creek, Wisconsin brought to the surface deep underlying tensions in American society. They may normally simmer below the surface, but last week we saw the worst of what can happen in modern America when latent hatred comes to a boil.  The incident also brought out the best in people, as evidenced by the heroism displayed by some of the victims and the local police.

The shootout resulted in the death of gunman Wade Michael Page.  With him perish hopes of ascertaining exactly what motivated his murderous mind, and whether he was sane or not.  We are left to debate and conjecture, but his life does offer up some clues.  We can be sure of the following: (1) It was a simple, lone act of terrorism (political killing of innocent people).  (2)  It was motivated by some combination of racism and religious bigotry.  (3)  Holmes had military training, and (4) known Ne0-Nazi leanings, including his role in a skinhead rock band.

It is early yet, and much evidence is to emerge, but below are the critical issues that will be in the news and part of political discourse in the weeks to come. Read the rest of this entry

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