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EDITORIAL: US and India Both Bungle Khobragade Case


Don’t Cry For me, Preet Bharara! (courtesy IndiaPost)

Mahanth S. Joishy is Editor of

Most of the available media covering the Khobragade disaster have been quick to take sides in the conflict, claiming alternatively that the Americans or Indians are more to blame.  I’m having none of it.  There is plenty of blame to go around.  At every turn both sides are guilty of handling the case with gross incompetence and utter disregard for common sense, or how to conduct the most basic diplomatic relations with one another.  If there is a silver lining in the whole affair, it’s that the diplomats and politicians serving both the United States and India have been exposed for their glaring lack of tact- that most basic quality required of those who represent us on the global stage.  Instead, I now present to you Exhibit A: Amateur hour on both sides.  That’s the first step toward repairing the problem- and relations.

A low-level and heretofore unheard-of Indian consular officer in New York may have broken several minor laws related to living wages and immigration forms for her household help.  The allegations made by the maid, if true, are disgusting and justified formal punitive measures- such as a quiet deportation agreed upon by both governments over a cup of tea or bourbon in a closed room.  How much heartache could have been avoided by this simple course of action? Read the rest of this entry

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