Diplomats are on the front lines of international relations.  The art of diplomacy is a complex, delicate, and important one.  As a diplomat one must answer to his or her political masters, while showing counterparts respect and understanding toward their positions.  Diplomacy requires putting aside personal feelings and relationships.  It requires the development of personal rapport, supreme negotiation skills, and (I’ve heard) a strong tolerance for a variety of foods and spirits.  Visit here often for the latest on diplomacy between India and the United States.  This is indeed where the rubber meets the road.

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  1. Funny Americans. From many years racism exists against non-white skins. Most of American laws made to control native Americans and Negros (should not called Negro, Sorry I don’t know other name). When funny white Americans started building new laws again natives & Negros, started using same laws for non-white skins irrespective of countries. Americans have angry due to loss of jobs, Indians leading information technology in the world, becoming super power country. The want to show the anger of all these, silly reasons providing maximum and inhuman kind of treatment against India. Bloody Americans should learn before they think and act. 70% of scientists and law (social & financial) makers for are Indian origins.

    After looking entire episode of Indian Diplomacy, understand that, American government officials and employees are lost mind controls, looks like rabies dog bitten American government employees and acting like inhuman.

    Think twice before demoralizing and don’t think that Indian will keep quite and will see next course of action against any Americans.


  2. For the families of hundreds of American aviators whose remains lie unrecovered at documented crash sites in Arunachal Pradesh, Indian Diplomacy is (1) forcing the cancellation of an ongoing remains recovery operation in Arunachal Pradesh in 2008, (2) promising to permit the resumption of recovery operations in 2012 and then reneging on this promise, (3) refusing to respond to the communications of the families of these airmen, (4) cowardly kowtowing to Chinese pressure to halt these recovery operations and thereby seriously undermining India’s own claims to Arunachal Pradesh vis-a-vis China, (5) ignoring the mandates of international law that the rights of families to know the fates of their loved ones lost in war be respected, and (6) hypocritically insisting that US leaders visiting India pay their respects to India’s war dead while refusing to respect the ultimate sacrifices made by US airmen on India’s own territory. …Gary Zaetz, Founder and Chairman, Families and Supporters of America’s Arunachal Missing in Action.


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