KFC is Now Serving… Chicken Biryani???

Mahanth is Editor

What? This was news to me. You can now find chicken biryani at… KFC? Yes. Yes you can. At branches of KFC India, that is, along with an extensive menu of other Indian and also American flavored delights like tandoori chicken or classic fried chicken or something called “chizza” at the US fast food chain’s outposts throughout India. I would really love to see Colonel Sanders’ reaction to that development if he was alive today. Hard to imagine if you visited the original kitchen in Corbin, Kentucky where it all started like I have with very traditional Southern American fare. Did Colonel Harlan Sanders even ever have a chance to taste authentic biryani during his tenure atop the sprawling Kentucky Fried Chicken empire? I would highly doubt it.

The next question that burns my curiosity is how it actually tastes. Does KFC at least do a decent job of it in the country of biryani’s origin itself? The competition for biryani options in every single neighborhood KFC opens a branch in has got to be something fierce. You can find out for yourself the answer to this riddle and other stark differences between the menu items available in KFC USA vs KFC India, including taste tests and price comparisons thanks to the fun and binge-able (pun intended) Insider Food YouTube channel:


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