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ANALYSIS: US-India Relations Under P.M. Modi

"You don't need a gym.  Pull water out of your well, then repeat for 30 mins."

“You don’t need a gym. Pull water out of your well, then repeat for 30 mins.”

Congratulations to Narendra Modi and the BJP on winning the largest democratic election in human history.  And what style.  Modi won by a roaring landslide, fair and square. A listless Rahul Gandhi, the Congress Party, and all other comers were obliterated in 2014, quite possibly breaking the Nehru/Gandhi dynasty’s iron grip on national politics for good after 70 years and four generations- although many Indians believe that talk of the dynasty’s demise is premature.

The BJP arrives to power with an unquestionable mandate from the people of India.  Now comes the hard work of governing the world’s largest democracy, and among the messiest ones at that.  Today we are going to contemplate what may come from this historic moment while Modi takes the helm of India’s gigantic bureaucracy, including the halls and apparatchiks of a foreign ministry that will be spending much of its time working with and against the United States.

As my grandmother often said, we are knee-deep in the Kali Yuga, or age of destruction.  We live in Summer 2014, a moment in time when it feels as if things are falling apart all around the globe.  The world will be watching to see what happens with India’s latest experiments with truth, not least because India is a rising power in an uncertain terrain. Read the rest of this entry

VIDEO: Rep. Curt Clawson Mistakes US Officials for Indian Officials


Once in a while you get a gaffe recorded on video that is so amazing, it deserves to be shared far and wide.  This is one such moment.

Last Thursday, Rep. Clawson (R-FL) made a huge error in Congress by mistaking Nisha Biswal of the State Dept. and Arun Kumar of the Commerce Dept. for a delegation from India.  It’s a comical oversight, considering that both US officials are participating in sworn testimony, and were announced beforehand.

Clawson, who really did have substantive business dealings with India, apologized the next day.

EDITORIAL: The Best Way to Eat Food is With Your Hands

If they can do it, so can you!  Please keep the comments clean, it's my mom and aunt

If they can do it, so can you!

There are a number of things that Indians simply do much better than Americans, or anyone else.  Unsurprisingly, the foremost among these relates to food.

Most Indians know the simple and sweet pleasure of eating our meals with only our bare hands. I swear by it myself. When done correctly, the fingers do all the work and your palms do not even touch the food, making for easy washing up afterwards. I feel sorry for the poor saps all around me who sit down to table with silverware three times a day and have no idea how to eat with their hands. Read the rest of this entry

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