VIDEO: Rep. Curt Clawson Mistakes US Officials for Indian Officials


Once in a while you get a gaffe recorded on video that is so amazing, it deserves to be shared far and wide.  This is one such moment.

Last Thursday, Rep. Clawson (R-FL) made a huge error in Congress by mistaking Nisha Biswal of the State Dept. and Arun Kumar of the Commerce Dept. for a delegation from India.  It’s a comical oversight, considering that both US officials are participating in sworn testimony, and were announced beforehand.

Clawson, who really did have substantive business dealings with India, apologized the next day.

One comment

  1. I can see the HUGE grin on the man’s face towards the end. Clawson is a tool. Not only did he catch himself out by his racism, but also tried to pass himself off as being “openly welcome.” Can you believe he asked them if he could “have their cooperation?” That is imperialist speak for “will you follow my line?” One-up, one-down. This is what I’m saying – the white man is doomed. Signed, a white woman.


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