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US Tourist is Gang-Raped in India; US Military Also Tolerates Festering Problem

victimsMahanth S. Joishy is Editor of

Recently two disturbing stories have come out related to the rape or assault of women.  A 30-year old American tourist from California was the latest prominent victim in the gang-rape epidemic which has shocked India and the world for its prevalence, brutality, and what it says about Indian culture.  We have been following this thread with great alarm, and it is giving India an incredibly bad name at a time when the nation is trying to assert itself on the world stage.  The gang-rape in Manali is just the latest in a horrific string of incidents that have taken place involving both tourists and local Indian women since last year.

0604_military-hearingMeanwhile, the US military has been exposed for being extremely lax in its responses to a pile of harassment, rape, and gang-rape cases by men against their female counterparts in uniform.  According to one estimate a stunning 26,000 American soldiers, mostly female but also male, have been assaulted or raped by other soldiers just in the last year.  A Senate hearing was held this week with the US military’s top brass to explore the problem and find a solution.  But in this case too, the epidemic has been going on for many years without sufficient action.  In 1991 the US Navy’s Tailhook scandal showed a widespread cancer in the system, and the same tired theme crops up well over two decades later. Read the rest of this entry

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