Dear President Obama, we understand that you are in the thick of a close presidential race.  We know the realities of modern politics and the silly season, and respect your right to attack Governor Mitt Romney on any number of issues.  There’s certainly plenty of material to work with.  Romney has been doing it to you too, and it’s fair to help voters understand his background through your speeches and advertisements.

However, we draw the line when you make something out to be unacceptable while you are intelligent enough to know better.  It leads us to believe you are being intellectually dishonest for purely political purposes- and it’s an insult to your audience.  Surviving in office through these means is not worth it.  It is unfair to bash Romney over outsourcing jobs to call centers in India for the following reasons.  I will be sending this to your campaign staff and I expect a response on each of these items- and will be happy to publish all of them.

(1) Outsourcing to India or elsewhere is not inherently evil, though you have painted it so. It’s a common practice by many companies and government agencies in a competitive and free global marketplace.  Its proponents include Democrats, Republicans, and many who serve or have served in your administration, or donated to your campaign coffers.  Outsourcing is even a common practice within your own administration’s agencies.

What’s up, Man!(mahon) I’ll look into this ad thing.

(2)  Due to budget constraints and a struggling economy, companies and agencies are looking for quality services at low prices, and outsourcing certain functions can help achieve this goal.  American companies, shareholders, and citizens benefit unambiguously.

(3)  By outsourcing something like call center operations, government workers in Massachussetts or anywhere else can focus on other  important work, which I guarantee exists.  Outsourcing does not necessarily mean Americans will get fired.  They can often be redeployed on something else.  Cost savings can in fact help hire more American employees as projects are completed on time and on budget.

(4)  What do you think those Indian call center workers did with their newfound money?  They are out smoking Marlboro cigarettes, drinking Budweisers, brushing their teeth with Colgate, opening CitiBank accounts, eating at TGI Friday’s, wearing Levi Jeans, watching the Avengers, and listening to iTunes songs on their iPod.  In a few months they will be drinking Starbucks Coffee and getting their jeans from Walmart.  Would you dare prevent them from buying American goods and services, which helps employ American workers and enrich American shareholders?

(5)  Competition is good.  American agencies and companies are operating in a global marketplace nowadays, as you know.  Outsourcing forces the American workforce to get better, become better-trained, and charge reasonable prices.  This is better for both the workforce as well as customers.  I have seen too many lazy, good-for-nothing public employees in my day and some of them need a good wake up call- for their own sake.

(6) Outsourcing is done by decent, common middle-class folks across the country.  It has no connection whatsoever to having a Swiss bank account or being ultra-rich!

We do not claim that outsourcing does not have its downfalls, or that in the short term that it can result in layoffs and other labor related issues.  We understand that politics dictate that you must pander to America’s lowest common denominator.  However, your right to be disingenuous does not need to be exercised.  We expect more, we want our president to be better than that.

Please cut it out.  Cancel these ads.  Engage in an honest debate.  There is so much in Romney’s record that is suspect.  But when it comes to outsourcing, we do not feel he has done anything wrong.

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