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VIDEO: Interview with Priya Pandya, CEO of Doonya Dance

Last week, usindiamonitor conducted its first-ever video interview with Priya Pandya, co-founder and CEO of Doonya, a fitness company flavored by Bollywood music and dance movements at its core.  Doonya just opened its first studio in Manhattan for teaching fitness classes, so this was a great time for a visit and a chat.

In college Priya and I both participated in Georgetown South Asian Society’s Rangila cultural show, a tradition of song, dance, and acting variety that began in the mid-90’s and continues to this day.  Priya’s Doonya bio describes her as “the cutest, kindest hulk there is!”  Not sure I saw the hulk part emerge, but judge for yourself.  Her screen presence, both in the interview and while teaching dance moves, is indeed commanding and self-assured.  And yes, she convinced me to do some dance moves, so if you’re looking for comic relief that’s in there, too.  The workouts are both rigorous and fun, that rarest of combinations.  Small wonder that Doonya has appeared on Oprah and Good Morning America, or made the Desiclub 50 Coolest Desis list.

Doonya was co-founded by Priya and Kajal Desai.  Besides the classes, Doonya offers fitness DVDs, nutritional advice, and training to become a Doonya dance instructor.  Priya and Kajal are also Reebok Global Ambassadors, giving them additional reach internationally.

Connect with Doonya:

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Special thanks to Jason K. Wang for filming this interview.

Mahanth S. Joishy is Editor of usindiamonitor.

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