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Interview with Bollywood Actor Prashaant Kumar of… New York City

Captain America Lands
in Mumbai

As a New Yorker, I was pretty excited to meet Prashaant Kumar, an up-and-coming Bollywood actor who was entirely raised in the New York metro area.  Prashaant was born in Booth Memorial Hospital of Flushing, Queens and lived in locales such as Forest Hills and Manhasset on Long Island while growing up.  Prashaant decided to leave the United States behind for good four and a half years ago to try and make it in Mumbai’s legendary film industry.  His previous role was in India’s first-ever creature-based horror film called Kaalo released in 2010, about an evil old desert-witch.  The 29 year old Kumar’s next film called Issaq will be out in July.

This man’s personal story arc intrigued me for several reasons.  How and why would an Indian-American actor- who was getting some acting experience Stateside, who had family and friends there- head to India to find his destiny?   How does an American adjust to the pollution, traffic, chaos and craziness that is Mumbai, or the dramatic ins and outs of Bollywood life and its infamously dark side, with no contacts in the industry?  My goal for this face-to-face interview was to find out these things. Read the rest of this entry

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