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Let’s Accept that America is Spearheading the Obliteration of Earth

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The United States of America isn’t just in a downward spiral, it’s in a magnificent death-spiral composed of multiple distinct downward spirals, like so many mechanized lions forming Voltron as he gets sucked into an inescapable centrifugal force down the toilet drain.  This great and horrific spiral of spirals will end not just the United States, but the planet.

America’s education system is so broken, its people so blissfully ignorant, its politics and business so corrupt, and its leadership in destroying Earth so devastatingly effective, that all these earnest current affairs debates are nothing more than fruitless feel-good academic exercises in mental masturbation.  There’s nothing we can do about this mess.  It’s already too late to reverse climate change.  It’s too late to keep the nuclear war genie in the bottle.  We are killing the animals, trees, and plants around us at an irreversible and rapacious pace, too stupid to realize this means that we are next.  We will keep getting irredeemably dumber and more divided.

Our best days are behind us.  Democracy ended in 2016.  We no longer go by facts or truth.  The destruction is impressive and almost beautiful to behold in its own strange way.  There is great and even righteous power at play, this strange force at America’s back that for centuries gave America such power- to one day, destroy.


That day is today.  Kali and the other demons are rejoicing.  Most of this is America’s fault.  America will go down in history as the nation that spearheaded the destruction of Earth with pollution, armaments, fake news, and a smirking, spoiled white-trash, white supremacist cowboy attitude towards it all.

The Hindu scholars among us aren’t necessarily surprised; after all we are thought to be in the Kali Yuga, as predicted millennia ago.  This makes it much easier to take, easier to make peace with the death spiral snake as it looks us all in the eye and sucks us into its vortex.  This was all meant to be just so, our brief time on Earth a minuscule and pathetic part of a much wider expansion and contraction of life and energy in a universe whose lungs are breathing in and out over billions of years in mysterious ways we could never understand in a trillion years.  America and those of us within whom America lies were chosen to lead this pre-scripted narrative as the ultimate embodiment of Kali, and perhaps we should be grateful for our front row seat to the impending spectacle of idiocracy and mass death.

However, a tinge of melancholy always creeps up, even for those of us who accept our fate, and defer to a higher authority that must have carefully and perfectly curated our generation to be the special one to witness the most horrific consequences our own decisions could provide.  I had imagined that the Kali Yuga would last longer than it will.  I naively assumed I would have grandchildren one day, and get to play with them, like thousands of generations before me.  I had always believed in my bones that George Washington’s victories, Abraham Lincoln’s struggles, emancipation, the defeat of Hitler, Amazing Grace, the civil rights movement, basketball, and the rule of law wouldn’t all simply go to waste just to make room for America’s true and ultimate legacy, that of global annihilation.

But they will.  And if you have any evidence to the contrary, it’s probably fake news.

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