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Cheerleaders and Cheer Queens of the Indian Premier League: A Controversial History

Cheerleader diplomacy!

Ready or not, cheeerleaders  are now a common sight in India and a class of American import in a league of its own.

If you attend virtually any U.S. junior high school, high school, college, or professional basketball or football game, you are likely to find cheerleaders, pep bands, or marching bands in action, working hard to energize the athletes and entertain the crowds.  These are a deep-rooted part of Americana, a tradition woven into the very fabric of many thousands of communities nationwide over the course of a century and half of a sports-crazed country’s history.  Female cheerleaders and majorettes are sometimes known for their skimpy clothing and semi-suggestive dance moves, yet they fit snugly into the wholesome tapestry of deep-rooted American culture.  Parents and parochial institutions in fact often encourage their daughters to join cheerleading squads.

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