A Listless Kamala Harris Finally Took the Gloves Off

The first two years of Kamala Harris’ historic vice-presidency have been marred by a lack of easily recognizable, tangible actions and accomplishments, paired with a bumbling PR operation that fails to properly explain any of the hard work she does actually do, to the American public. There was some talk of her being involved in immigration policy, a great issue to tackle in need of sensible dedication, yet I have yet to see or even understand the results of all these efforts.

Count me among those who has been greatly disappointed with Kamala overall for most of the last two years. Anyone in her camp that was hoping she might be a future US president, must be far more disappointed than I am, for I’m not yet convinced this is even a remote possibility at present trajectory.

This April we finally saw something from Kamala that gives me hope that she could at least go down as a great VP, and perhaps even more, if she continues to change course. Now that Joe Biden has officially announced his 2024 campaign is really happening, it’s an opportunity for the Kamala team to hit the re-set button utilizing the dual role of Vice President and also campaign attack dog. We got a great preview of that this week in Tennessee, as Kamala gave a full-throated and fiery speech the likes of which I’d never seen before- and I want to see a lot, lot more of. And if she were going to get genuinely passionate, there is no better subject than The Tennessee Three, a current affair bringing together both racism and gun violence into one. Kamala Harris, the first woman, first Black woman, and first person of Indian descent to hold the office of Vice President of the United States, has quickly become a source of inspiration for many around the world, and she needs to finally raise her game to match that enthusiasm and earn a lasting legacy.

For I’m going to go ahead and say it, even if others are loathe to do so publicly: a win in 2024 by the aging Biden carries with it the significant possibility that Kamala would have to take over the reins in case the octogenarian is physically or mentally incapacitated- or worse.


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