What do American Snacks Taste Like in India?

After several heavy, heavy geopolitical deep dive pieces and the winter holiday season upon us, I thought it was time to highlight some light fare in US-India relations for a change of pace. And what could possibly be lighter fare than a YouTube video where Karl Rock tastes snack foods and compares their flavors and packaging by munching or sipping these on camera?

All of these are brands you will recognize instantly, and more likely than not you have had the chance to consume some of them if not all presented items in your lifetime. These certainly aren’t the healthiest foods available in India or the United States to be sure. Still, the comparative consumer habits of Americans and Indians alike is an area of unending fascination for me, especially considering that just a few decades ago most of these American brands had no presence in India at all. Running multinational brands with long and winding supply chains and production lines is no easy task when it comes to food or any other type of product. Seeing the differences, whether intentional or circumstantial makes for interesting viewing at least to me and the fans of the Karl Rock channel. We are watching palates evolve right before our eyes. To sample the flavor comparisons for yourself vicariously, watch on here as the controversial New Zealander turned Indiaphile serves as our guide:


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