VIDEO: Delicious Indian Food You Can’t Find in India?

Mahanth is Editor of usindiamonitor

One of the best things about Indian food is that it has been adapted to the unique ingredients found in faraway countries by a strong, centuries-long tradition of immigration. Among the foremost examples of creating a tasty new cuisine using Indian methods in a new world can be found in Trinidad & Tobago. The inimitable YouTube channel of global food seeker Mark Wiens recently unlocked the myriad of flavors being cooked up by the Indian community of Trinidad & Tobago. This mouth-watering video made me want to visit the Caribbean nation one day soon- especially during the epic Carnival season where the island country descends into a giant dance party. Witness Mark discovering and chowing down on things like “doubles,” crab curry, chole, and other delights using fresh local ingredients and spices. You won’t find this specific delectable interpretation of Indian food in India, folks.


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