Thoughts on Ukraine 10/5/22

As I sit here in a safe neighborhood in the United States Midwest, I think it is still worth weighing in on the war being fought in Ukraine.

Ukraine is going to win this war if contained within conventional arms and as of current trajectory– by spring 2023. The United States should absolutely continue to arm Ukraine to the teeth, in order to grease this outcome. This sickening war is broadly a battle between David and Goliath, Good vs. Evil. Always back the David and the Good.

There is higher meaning and purpose to it all. Ukraine is also a major frontline in the battle between Democracy and Autocracy. Regardless of the imperfections of Democracy, let’s continue to support Democracy with everything we’ve got!

Yes, the nuclear threat is now on the table. It is frightening and real. We should take this seriously, hell yes. The foremost and morally defendable answer projected to that critical threat, emanating lately from the nexus of Goliath, Evil, and Autocracy must be the promise of total annihilation of the aggressor’s forces in Ukraine. I think and hope that’s what the Biden administration is planning for. If so, they are planning correctly. Ultimately the result should be a deterrent that the Russians take into account that’s strong enough to prevent a tactical nuclear weapon.

All of this hinges on the will of the Ukrainian people to keep fighting for their land. They have doggedly answered the call under dire circumstances so far. Godspeed to the good guys.

Mahanth S. Joishy is Editor of

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