The British Royals: Who Gives a Damn?


I take zero pleasure in the foibles of the pathetic last remnants and fossils of the decrepit and rotting British monarchy. I just want them to go away permanently from our already-fragile COVID-era consciences, along with their Netflix dramas. As an Indian-American, I have a certain sincere fondness for the British. Indeed they did rule for very long periods of time over my actual ancestors in India and my spiritual colonial ancestors in what ultimately became the United States. Their legacy in both nations is enduring and undeniable, especially when it comes to the language, education, culture, democratic and judicial principles, and infrastructure including the vaunted Indian railway system. I also lived in England for a year as a 12-year old in 1991-92, and had an amazing experience there in so many ways. British history is amazingly fascinating and ancient. The worst Indian restaurant in Greater London, where I lived…

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