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Our Most Interesting Interview Ever: eSamudaay Founder & Chairman Anup Pai on the US & India being ONE COUNTRY!

You won’t find content like this anywhere else.

USINDIAMONITOR is launching a new podcast series for free-wheeling, FUN discussions on US-India relations and our glorious modern world of commerce, geopolitics, technology, spirituality, and much more. Here you can witness the first episode of hopefully many in collaboration with Anup Pai. Priority above all is having a blast for ourselves and for you, no matter where you are in the world. The tasty cocktail formula is simply laid out below:

(1) Take one part serial tech entrepreneur and deep thinker from India, eSamudaay Founder & Chairman Anup Pai; (2) Mix in one part Indian-American local government bureaucrat and blogger in the US Midwest, usindiamonitor; and (3) Shake vigorously and see what happens! In the below conversation we speedily discuss a dizzying array of topics, including sex, diet, marijuana, intergalactic beers, War in Ukraine, India’s cultural revolution, the blockchain, buying and selling local, visiting 40 countries, Indian rock and rap, drug gangs in Punjab, July 4th fireworks, climate change, US politics, India’s Open Network for Digital Commerce, women driving in Saudi Arabia, Hollywood, Bollywood, MTV, FTV, the NRA, Big Pharma, China-India relations, US-India relations, yoga, chakras, Indian demographics, autocracy, fake messiahs, and real hopes for a bright future by unleashing one global consciousness from the ground-up rather than top-down. We hope to entertain and also inform, and in future will bring on additional interesting guests.

And check out Anup’s amazing US cross-country trip guest post here.

US/India flags photo credit

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