VIDEO Beware the Buildup on China-India Border

While the world’s attention is focused on the war in Ukraine and the beefing up of the NATO alliance, a second global flashpoint is causing many nations in Asia and beyond to go on high alert. That would be the tiny space between China and Taiwan, and China’s overt military exercises focused on invading Taiwan. To many of us it seems like only a matter of time. When, not if.

But there is another large and potentially dangerous buildup going on and that would be in the disputed mountainous territory of Ladakh along the China-India border. Palki Sharma Upadhyay and WION have an excellent new video segment on the matter. Included in the report is that China and India are both building multiple Bridges to Somewhere. Is this another case of being only a matter of time before a massive and deadly clash between the two Asian powers?

And is the United States going to try and do something about it? Watch and learn:

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