Ruminations on Twitter at a Time of Transition



Mahanth is Editor

Donald Trump and I have something in common.

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In the Fall of 2020 the usindiamonitor Twitter feed, which was pretty active and had involved hundreds of hours of my work, was suddenly kicked off the platform for violating some rule or the other. 6,000 followers of the feed, mostly in India and the United States, built up over years of cultivation, suddenly disappeared into the ether. No warnings were provided beforehand. Annoyingly, it was impossible to find out why my feed was booted from the platform and to this day I have no idea what rule was even violated. The appeals and customer inquiry process was difficult to use and in any case, resulted in nothing. I remember thinking at the time this whole affair was unfair, and I finally understood better than most on a personal level a lot of the criticism directed to…

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