Twitter Notification: Bizarre Brown on Brown Crime

The corporate turmoil at Twitter is at an all-time high these days, and several senior brown folk are in pretty deep. CEO Parag Agrawal is on the hot seat so to speak, as it’s not clear if Elon will keep him in the role. Meanwhile, General Counsel Vijaya Gadde is being skewered on social media and mainstream media alike for crying at the employee meeting where changes to management were being discussed. She was already disliked by a lot of people for the decisions she made to police, or even kick people off the platform. I was one of those people.

In the middle of it all is this weird thing where famous political figures on the left are losing large numbers of followers, and those on the right are gaining them, exactly since the day Elon’s takeover became official. Something going on with the algorithms there that I do not fully understand.

Another Indian-American figure, journo Saagar Enjeti, has entered the fray with some bizarre consequences. Among the more hilarious developments of his criticism of Gadde is charges of racism against him. You can’t make this up! For fans of drama, please watch to learn more. DISCLAIMER: I do not condone racism in any form, including any targeted towards Vijaya Gadde or others as a result of this time of disruption at Twitter.

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