SHOWDOWN ALERT: McDonald’s Pakistan Vs India: The Best Ever Food Review Show

Mahanth is Editor

Yes, I am inextricably tied to the golden arches and will be for life. On my 16th birthday I began my first ever job at a McDonald’s in Richmond Hts, Ohio. That job helped me pay for my first drum set and other teenage wants. At just the same time Mickey D’s was opening up the vast Indian market, as we analyzed here. Today the brand is well-ensconced throughout Asia. In fact a McDonald’s restaurant is even the very first thing I saw upon setting foot outside the airport during my awesome Pakistan vacation.

Many of you are probably not aware that the menu is radically different in India and Pakistan than what you might find in Any Town, USA. That’s definitely a good thing. Paneer is awesome. Indian sauces are awesome. South Asians tend to eat more veggies. Might as well cater to the local spices and flavors with “Maharaja Macs” and “McAloo Tikkis” and “McPaneers” especially when speaking of a Western invasion into some of the best centers of cuisine in the world. On the other hand, sometimes you don’t mess with perfection. Ronald McDonald’s french fries are great just as they are, taste the same everywhere, and are liked by every food culture.

We have an excellent guide here, Sonny of Minnesota, the host of the Best Ever Food Review Show. Sonny is real funny. This is actually my favorite food travel show right now, and many great trips to India and Pakistan and beyond are documented here. This one is definitely interesting!

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