VIDEO: Oh, Sri Lanka. What Next?

Mahanth is Editor

Yes, this is a site about US-India relations. So. Why must we think about Sri Lanka and its machinations, you may ask?

Here’s why. India’s island neighbor directly to the South is an important piece of the chess game when it comes to world affairs. The country is also close to the heart of your correspondent, thanks to an amazing vacation there. As go Sri Lanka’s fortunes, we must all try to understand what is unfolding.

What is unfolding, is a lot of drama. At the bottom line we see three ways out of the nation’s entangled web of problems: (1) Financial assistance from the West; (2) Financial assistance from China; (3) Financial assistance from India. Or the most likely scenario: some combination thereof. For the country is in deep, deep debt with no way out as far as can be seen. The danger being, the government is possibly just going to fall further into the debt trap. COVID and the Ukraine War are not helping the cause in the least.

All of these present problems and opportunities. Things are super dangerous throughout Asia these days. Learn more from excellent Indian news site (fast becoming as good of a global news source as any!) WION here:

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