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VIDEO: Watch this BONE-CHILLING Chinese Propaganda on Ukraine War

Mahanth is Editor

One of the many fascinating storylines about the Russian invasion of Ukraine is who exactly in the world has stepped up to support Putin’s terrible adventure in Ukraine that has very little moral value to support. With most of the West united in resolve to oppose the war, many eyes are on China, easily the second most powerful superpower in today’s world after the United States. While China has not been full-throated in its support of Russia, as evidenced by abstaining on UN votes demanding that nations pick a side, something else entirely is going on at the root level. Arguably the more important level than what a nation says on the world stage. One of the major root level analyses worth doing involves China’s education system and propaganda from the federal government for the general public.

What you are about to see here is a master class in George Orwell’s novel 1984, in a bad way. Orwell continues to be one of the most prescient thinkers of the 20th century, as his words written in that tome over 70 years ago continue to play out in today’s real world in places like China.

First let’s discuss the positive: the Serpentza YouTube channel is a great rabbit hole to fall into for facts on the ground in a country many of us do not live in or understand. Me included. The flip side of that coin is that many of us will feel shocked and FRIGHTENED by what we are seeing. This is literally bone chilling. We cannot do much better to increase our understanding of what’s going on out East on the ground, than taking a few minutes to watch the destructive practices with major implications for the future of war and peace in the world. Without further ado:

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