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Thoughts on the War in Ukraine

This is a complicated issue. That was the understatement of my entire life.

So what is a past foreign policy major in college, who likes to expound on geopolitics from a safe perch in the American Heartland, to do?


He will type out a set of bullet points, instead of the usual narrative essay form, something too difficult to do in a situation with such fast-moving pieces and consequences for all human beings on this planet. So then that is an effort beyond the scope of your humble correspondent. The hope here is that the bullet points might be interesting and useful to readers regarding what is going on in our world right now. From a guy who just referred to himself in the third person. Take from this what you will!

  • Can we think or even imagine of a better Marvel comic setup than Volodymyr as the courageous hero and Vladimir as the evil villain? I just cannot. I just can’t. Despite the imperfections of our hero and the legitimate concerns of our villain. People are complicated. Christians: are you seeing David vs. Goliath like I am?
  • If looking at history as a long game, this is just another chapter in the global Cold War begun 70 years ago; a “Graveyard of Empires” chapter adding to the story where the United States fell on its face into expensive, bloody multi-year stalemates in Vietnam and Afghanistan, with Russia already having done exactly the same in Afghanistan in various versions of proxy wars between the two poles of superpower. Sound familiar, my mates in the UK?
  • Just like those times, nuclear holocaust whispers to us. We avoided them those times. Hard to say if we avoid it again.
  • Compare the men, women and children who were willing to butcher American GI’s in Vietnam to the brave civilians wreaking havoc on low-morale Russian conscripts in Ukraine. The parallels are astounding. When you have nowhere to go and choose to defend your own neighborhood, we see how you respond Ukraine. Respect and hat’s off to the front line of democracy!
  • In an unwelcome bizarre Hollywood re-run, it was US Stinger missiles that helped defeat the Soviet Empire’s incursion into Afghanistan in the 1980’s. The same exact types of anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons are helping defeat Vladimir in Ukraine in 2022.
  • Trump’s enmity toward Ukraine and his lapdog role to Putin as the US President has convinced me unequivocally that we are living in a simulation. The mountain of unpunished crime far beyond Ukraine committed by the Trump family and friends over many decades has convinced me 110% that of course this is a simulation we are living in.
  • We do not know how the simulation plays out. However, in the pantheon of good guys vs. bad guys, the ideal outcome is glaringly apparent: if there is either justice of man, or justice of cosmos, it would result in the bang-bang, 1-2 punch of Trump behind bars and Putin out of power so the planet survives in peace for the next 100 years, with China duly warned about Taiwan adventures and the status quo being more in CCP interest.
  • The 2022 and 2024 US elections, guaranteed to once again be riddled with Russian cyber warfare against America as in 2016 and 2020, may determine whether the planet is ruled by autocracy or democracy. Democracy winning is not guaranteed. I am prepared for either outcome.
  • Do not underestimate Americans’ desire to be ruled by a strongman allied with Vlad. It’s already at 30-40% thanks to Russian propaganda arms such as the GOP and #FauxNews.
  • Ukraine shall prevail. NATO shall strengthen. But at what cost?
  • If Trump is the next president the above bullet point shall be wiped off from history, permanently.

That is all. Distilled like a fine whiskey. Be well.

Mahanth S. Joishy is Editor of usindiamonitor

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