Introducing: The Black Hole of the Mind

SPECIAL TO USINDIAMONITOR: The below is excerpted, with permission, from a new book by Dr. K.P.S. Kamath, a psychiatrist and author with decades of experience helping many thousands of patients. Have you ever wondered how a runaway train wreck such as Donald could possibly happen? I have, quite a bit, and never fully comprehended how so much evil could grip such a big section of this country like so many brain-dead zombies sweeping across the land to devour new prey. However, Dr. Kamath serves as an able, expert guide at the micro level of an individual brain which I believed would be worthwhile for the readers of this site. Enjoy. But make sure you are sitting down first.

Cover art courtesy of New York Daily News

A Black Hole of the Mind is a region of the Mind where the gravity of denial and projection is so strong that nothing—not even a particle of wisdom becomes visible in it. If a person with Black Hole Mind (BHM) passes through a crowd of clowns, he will draw them towards him in a process known as accretion. A similar process can occur if a normal person gets close to a Black Hole Mind Person (BHMP). In this case, the BHMP can tear the normal person apart as he pulls him toward his Black Hole. As the attracted man or woman gets excited and heats up, he/she becomes radioactive.

Recent discoveries offer some tantalizing evidence that Black Hole Mind Persons have a dramatic influence on the people around them – projecting powerful bursts of anger, devouring nearby properties, and spurring the growth of new Black Hole Mind People in some areas while destroying others. For the sake of our discussions, we can refer to a Black Hole Mind Person as Black (Ass) Hole (BAH).

Just in case you need to know an example of Black (Ass) Hole, you don’t need to go too far. Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America is a classic example of BAH. 

The theory of Common Sense predicts that the Black Hole of the Mind is created by two rapidly spinning stars chasing each other round and round creating a whirlpool of delusion with incredible force of gravity caused by the powerful combination of denial and projection. These stars of identical dimension are known as money mania (MM) and comparing and competing mania (CCM). Sufficiently strong MM and CCM deform spacetime to form a Black Hole of the Mind. Every bit of insight, self-awareness, judgment, reasoning, knowledge, moral values and noble virtues such as empathy and generosity, disappear rapidly inside the Black Hole of the Mind without a trace. 

Don’t let the name fool you: A Black Hole is anything but empty suite. Rather, it is a great amount of bullshit tightly packed into a very small area – think of a Mind ten times more massive than that of Einstein squeezed into a sphere approximately the diameter of a sesame seed. The result is the gravitational force of denial and projection field so strong that nothing, not even an atom of sage wisdom becomes visible.  

Doctors can’t directly observe Black Hole of the Mind with stethoscope, x-rays, MRI or other forms of electromagnetic radiation. However, they can infer the presence of Black Hole of the Mind in a person by detecting his radioactive effect on other people nearby.

You are already familiar Donald J. Trump, the biggest Black (Ass) Hole who was able to attract hundreds of big, medium and small stars into his orbit and suck their brain so strongly that nothing remained in their skull. None managed to escape. His gravity of denial and projection was so strong that millions of White-Hot-Air people entered into it resulting in them becoming brain-dead radioactive satellites. Though they seem to be alive, their brains having been sucked out of their skulls, now they have become comets spewing a lot of hot gas and dust.

In this book, we will review the life history of a few Indian Black (Ass) Holes who managed to collapse on themselves in addition to sucking the brains of people around them. 

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