Apology Requested AND RECEIVED from Bob and Tom Radio Show

Today was a good day, when it comes to reconciliation and two sides who got off on the wrong foot, coming together. Hereby I honor my end of the bargain, which was to take down the original (admittedly aggressive and nasty) letter and social media campaign. The campaign was joined by many others, most of whom were NOT South Asian in descent. (My only previous other “campaign” thus far was for the injustice faced by families and friends of US World War II war dead in Arunachal Pradesh– I hope you learn about this!)

Thank you folks for the solidarity. We put some people power toward positive change, I believe, at 101.5 WIBA in Wisconsin and the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom show, which resulted in an on-air apology.

***UPDATE 10/7/21: The Bob & Tom show did an on-air apology as requested, early this fine morning, which included a recognition that it was wrong, an assurance that this racist and religiously bigoted song would never be played again on the show, admitting the song itself is a 30-year old bit played by a guest comedian that should have been reviewed before playing it again this week, that the bit was requested by a number of listeners, and an apology to those of Indian or Pakistani descent who were offended. Bravo to Bob & Tom radio show!

***UPDATE 10/6/21: The show’s COO and Executive Producer, along with the 101.5 affiliate station in South Central Wisconsin, have apologized graciously in reply to my emails, for the song. They indicated it would never be played again. This is a great development. I committed to take down this post, if they commit to an on-air apology…

On 10/5/2021, at approximately 7:55 am CST, I was shocked to hear a DISGUSTING song on the radio, and I apologize in advance but here is the bit in question, something I only link to for context.

This episode proves there is hope for us all and the future of this country, if we conduct our dialogue about differences or misunderstandings in a civil manner, in a multicultural democracy, without engaging in too many ad hominem attacks. THANK YOU to the many allies who joined in this effort in Wisconsin, and beyond.

I’d like to give credit where it’s due, to the decision makers at the Bob & Tom show, during a delicate and contentious period in the American experiment.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I speak for many when I say this.

Mahanth Joishy

Editor in Chief

United States-India Monitor


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