WATCH: Is the New AUKUS a “Strategic Ambush” of The Quad?

Mahanth S. Joishy is Editor of usindiamonitor

There are two dynamic international formations involving the United States and Australia being heavily discussed in foreign policy circles these days: AUKUS, or the brand-new Australia/UK/United States conglomerate around developing nuclear military submarines; and The Quad, or the Quadrilateral strategic group consisting of United States/India/Japan/Australia.

How will one affect the other, if at all, especially in relation to India? Is it a strategic ambush? It is early days yet and we have much to find out in the coming months and years about what the involved nations will do. Both formations are clearly based on balancing against a rising and belligerent China. AUKUS has been widely been seen as a loss for France, who lost a submarine contract from Australia. Beyond all of this there is much to discuss- and this is a very good discussion on India’s The Wire, between journalist Karan Thappar and former Indian government official Nirupama Rao. Watch this interesting conversation here:

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