VIDEO: Indianapolis Massacre & Sikh Community

Another day, another outrage. Yet another massacre involving the Sikh community, which is deeply saddening. Our hearts break for the victims in Indianapolis and those in various countless other mass shootings across the country. We are in the midst of a pandemic of mass shootings here, as if the other pandemic weren’t bad enough. One hopes this wasn’t another hate crime against Asian-Americans, of which we are already witnessing too many lately. With the perp dead, who knows what we will ever know. With a heavy heart I wrote about the Wisconsin Sikh Massacre and the Senseless Murder of Deputy Sandeep Singh Dahliwal on these pages, but this time I just can’t any more. I am tired of these mass shootings as I’m sure you are too.

I will leave it to the grief-stricken members of this close-knit Indianapolis community (which I was once a part of in childhood) to speak here in this video:

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