It Was ALWAYS Going to End this Way


Of course there was a violent insurrection at Washington’s Capitol last week!!! Anyone who didn’t see this coming was willfully ignoring what has been going on in America for the last 5 years. The United States has been barreling down a slide since 2016 that leads directly to the pit we find ourselves in today. It was always going to end this way. All signs led exactly to where we are now, at the brink of more violence and chaos while our rivals and friends abroad laugh at us and worry about us respectively. White male supremacy has lasted for many centuries around the world, and America has become the new focal battleground in this epic war; it was never going down without a bloody fight. That fight is now. Undermining the legitimacy of the Biden/Harris election victory was just a clever pretense, a vessel to foment and collate the rage being used to rile up the MAGA confederates all along. Everybody in power knows the damn election went off just fine.

This is exactly what happens when the most powerful man in the world is a traitor and a sore loser, and is willing to froth up his followers to attempt to stay in power long after his defeat at the ballot boxes, in courts, in business, and quite generally in life itself. Consequences be damned. He doesn’t care about his own followers’ health and safety, or police health and safety, or that of anyone else for that matter. 400,000 dead Americans and counting from COVID without an ounce of remorse has already proven that.

We already know the Pervert Orangutan sold out the country out to Russia or whoever the highest bidder was. He cares for America not a shred. His goons like Rudy Giuliani, Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, Jared Kushner, Corey Lewandowski, Gym Jordan, Devin Nunes, and Paul Manafort have assembled a new type of unprecedented white male supremacist super-mafia who are willing to beg, borrow, cheat, lie, and steal to maintain power, 81 million legitimate American voters be damned. These are the people who led the white Neo-Nazi/KKK/Confederate insurrection using fraudulent claims of election fraud as a cover. For it is not for a moment so-called election irregularities that animate this dangerous mob threatening the very foundation of our democracy.

The people egged on to violence in a planned attempted coup against the Capitol Police, the US House of Representatives, the US Senate, and the Vice President were allowed to go too far but did not prevent the certification of the US election as they desired. Some of their own died in the process, which was just about inevitable considering the reckless stupidity of their conduct fueled by easily debunked conspiracy theories. Their new target seems to be state Capitol buildings and the Biden inauguration.

Let’s hope we have a peaceful week and can prevent descending into a new civil war. These outcomes are not at all to be taken for granted as America’s greatest traitor in history still occupies the throne. For those interested in further understanding these rabid Trumpists and how to defeat their movement in the future, I have written about that here. Today I am more interested in all of these dangerous and seditious terrorists being rounded up and locked up in jail where they belong, so we can move on. We don’t waste time and resources understanding why people brutally rape other innocent human beings including children. We focus on locking them up so they can do no more harm in society, while punishing them for what they did. That is what America’s government apparatus urgently needs to focus on now, whether the two-bit rape squad is led by a pretend outgoing US President or not. He actually belongs in a cage right with them, and nothing less will suffice to satisfy the long arc of justice America often claims to be built on.

Only by eliminating the virus will America’s fever ever break.

Mahanth S. Joishy is Editor of usindiamonitor

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