Trump to America: DROP DEAD


President Gerald Ford famously told New York City to “drop dead” at the National Press Club on October 29, 1975. All of us New Yorkers know that story, but it was a figure of speech related to the rejection of federal assistance for the City’s finances, not a literal threat of death.

How far have we fallen. Every day, Donald Trump invites all Americans, from those he likes to those he despises, to go ahead and DROP DEAD with his words, his actions, or his negligence. Yeah. Drop on dead, suckers!

If you were one of the 205,000 Americans and counting who died of COVID-19 so far, President Trump has welcomed you to DROP DEAD. It doesn’t matter if you were a doctor, nurse, cop, or firefighter. He hasn’t said a damn word about you. That’s regardless of whether you were Black or Hispanic, whose deaths please the Grand Wizard, or white, male, female, old, young or even a child. Whether you attended a Trump rally without masks and social distancing and contracted it there, or are a student or teacher in a school forced to reopen without proper preparation and protocols, President Trump ignored the pleading voices of his own government’s experts because he wanted you to DROP DEAD.

If you were a war hero and a Lion of the Senate of the actual ruling party, and lost a long and courageous battle to illness, President Trump couldn’t wait till you DROPPED DEAD because you took the spotlight off him John McCain.

If you were a US Marine who sacrificed your life in France to defeat Hitler and save Western civilization, President Trump not only doesn’t mind that you DROPPED DEAD, he won’t visit your graves because the rain would mess up his artificial hair. He’ll just blame it all on the Secret Service who coincidentally he wants to see DROP DEAD.

If you are struggling to survive in a tanking economy but happen to live in blue states such as New York or California, that’s too bad. The guy doesn’t believe you Americans are any part of the America he doesn’t even pretend to lead anyway. Forget government resources or aid or even simple sympathy for your troubles; President Trump wants you to DROP DEAD just because of your zip code.

If you happen to be dying today due to lack of health insurance or from drinking unsafe tap water, that’s just perfect because President Trump wants you to DROP DEAD.

If your family was killed by wildfires out West or hurricanes down South, events exacerbated by climate change, don’t mean a thing because President Trump welcomes you to DROP DEAD.

Like most of us, Trump has to show fealty to his boss, Vladimir Putin. If you were one of the US soldiers (better known to him only as “losers”) killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan thanks to funding from Russia, President Trump has denied any knowledge of it, questioned American intelligence on it, refused to read the evidence, and proven time and again he doesn’t care about you because he wanted you brave souls called upon by your country far away from your home and Mom’s cooking to DROP DEAD.

If you were a Washington Post journalist and American resident named Jamal Khashoggi, President Trump wanted you to DROP DEAD. The Saudi royals complied in spades by torturing, chopping up, and simply disappearing the man without a peep from the cowards in the White House.

If you were killed by a police officer using a knee to the back of your neck during this administration, the president wouldn’t dare lift a finger to prevent that from happening again. If you are a black man shot and killed while jogging, it won’t faze him. In fact he has removed the Obama-era policing safeguards that could have saved the lives of many American citizens because President Trump welcomes you to get physically abused by the police before you DROP DEAD.

If you wanted to cross the US border legally by seeking asylum in order to escape guerrilla warfare or torture, that’s too bad. If you show up and are beaten, raped, had your uterus removed, or killed on purpose or by negligence of the US government, after your children are separated from you and thrown into cages, it’s all because President Trump welcomes you to DROP DEAD.

Some Americans, especially the white pretend-Christian types who show up to his rallies, foolishly believe the orange thing adores them and doesn’t want them to DROP DEAD. What these idiots don’t realize is he doesn’t care about them either. Once you have poured your white supremacist adulation on him at the rally, and given him your hard-earned money as “campaign donations” to be embezzled, he no longer needs or wants you any more. There is no more juice to squeeze. He no longer bothers to know whether you live; to him you may as well DROP DEAD.

You f***ing idiots deserve it. All of it. What about the rest of us?

Mahanth S. Joishy is Editor of usindiamonitor

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