Fox News is Just a Rapey Nursing Home Pharmacy Storefront for Drugs Made in India

When you look behind the curtain and dig a little bit deeper into what’s going on at Fox News, or as I prefer to call them Faux News, some interesting facts come to light including a striking connection to India that nobody has commented upon. Boot-licking and brown-nosing their damndest to be crowned the lead propaganda arm of the 2020 Confederacy, they do nothing but lie about the left while pumping up the Grabbing Our Pussies party, Trump’s Team Treason & the Pips. But none of this slop is really their main mandate over on 48th Street in Manhattan. The big reason for this sewer slime existing on our screens is to sell pharmaceuticals and adult diapers to America’s jet-setting geriatrics. Consider:


(1) The average age of the Faux News viewer is 65 to 66 and white as snow. It gets even older and whiter for tuning in to the white supremacist tirades by all-star Grand Wizards like Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, or Sean Hannity, a crew that wouldn’t know what news reporting was if it sat on their makeup-caked faces.

(2) According to that now deceased, serial rapist human Jabba the Hut and erstwhile Faux News head Roger Ailes himself, up to 70% of Faux News advertising revenues come from pharmaceutical companies pushing drugs onto the nursing home of an audience who choose to get their information from this pretend news outlet.

(3) 70% of the top 40 brand-name drugs sold in America are manufactured overseas, with India being the leading exporter by far. The vast majority of generic drugs, which make up 88% of pharmaceutical ingestion by Americans, come from Indian manufacturing. So one can draw a direct line from Faux News and the suburbs of India where the real good stuff is made.


Just about all of the world’s hydroxychloroquine, which the president corruptly wanted Americans to ingest to treat Coronavirus with zero evidence of anything good coming out of it, is currently made in India and launched a conflict between the two nations. This touting of an ineffective and dangerous treatment was openly designed, of course, for Trump and his cronies to profit off the Trump Virus a bit, right out in the open.

So friends, the next time you watch Faux News just remember that your screen is being powered by hundreds of thousands of brown people in India toiling away to make our pharmaceutical products, in notoriously unsafe and substandard conditions for both them and for us, according not to me but our own FDA- including open urine spills in a Toprol-XL manufacturing room that was supposed to be sterile. By no means is Faux News the only network that US Big Pharma sponsors; to some degree it’s behind all of them. But Faux really does take the cake, in every way possible.

And here’s a plug for MAKE IN INDIA!

Mahanth S. Joishy is Editor of usindiamonitor


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