WATCH THIS: Hasan Minhaj Angry Screed on George Floyd Murder

Hasan Minhaj isn’t quite my favorite political commentator. While his segments on Netflix’s Patriot Act are smart, funny, and highly informative, his millennial penchant for jumping around from graphic to graphic, idea to idea, and literally from one part of the stage to another can make someone a bit older like me slightly dizzy. However, there is no question that Hasan has become a leading Indian-American voice on any number of hot-button issues. As you can see here, George Floyd’s murder is no exception. I actually believe that Hasan is now cementing his place as the leading millennial Indian-American commentator in US politics.

I have never seen Hasan this angry about anything. But his anger is justified, and I tend to agree with a majority of his ideas. His imploring of Asian-Americans to stop sitting on the sidelines during the current moment was especially powerful. And it was an outrage to see him banned from the Howdy Modi event last year. Watch this segment today!

Mahanth S. Joishy is Editor of usindiamonitor

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