One of the things we will savor the most when Biden has defeated the Pervert Orangutan occupying the Oval Office in November, is throwing out all of the trash. The unqualified and corrupt bums who have been appointed to critical cabinet positions in the US government will be private citizens again. We have the golden opportunity to clean out and disinfect not just the Oval Office, but also the offices of evil humans such as Jared Kushner, Betsy DeVos at Education, Elaine Chao at Transportation, Mike Pompeo at State, and perhaps most despicable of all, Attorney General William Barr. Also I will reward readers who make it to the end with my wild card pick for the Supreme Court vacancy which we can be sure will arise soon.

There is a confluence of factors that makes it a great time to pick a cabinet of Democrats with ability and integrity, and announce them early in June to garner energy behind the general election fight NOW. The 2020 Democratic primary campaign was chock full of decent and experienced people who would be ready to step into their new roles on day 1. Why not have them all campaign together toward one goal. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

While all of the attention is focused on Biden’s running mate pick, I think we live in such extreme times that Biden should go ahead and announce the partnership of many other prominent civil servants who would present radical improvement over the scum they would replace in each and every case.

(1) Vice President Elizabeth Warren. I am picking for this title the woman who is ready to be President today, right now, instantly. While her primary campaign floundered for what I consider to be the wrong reasons, she is an accomplished technocrat who could take over the reins of the whole apparatus if needed. She is as qualified as Biden is, and she had my vote. But let’s look ahead to how she can best be leveraged. Her long career spans many of the relevant debates that America is engaged in now. On the political level, she would help cover the left flank that has been somewhat disillusioned by the flameout of their standard bearer, Bernie Sanders. However, she is more pragmatic than Sanders is. She is probably smarter than anyone else listed on this page.

(2) Attorney General Kamala Harris. I am guessing that Kamala will be the runner-up in the Veepstakes, and we shall find that out shortly for sure. While I don’t consider her to be ready for the presidency yet, she would be a formidable asset in the revamped Department of Justice badly in need of reform, especially when it comes to prosecuting and preventing the treason the department is riddled with today like a metastatic cancer. As we have written before, Kamala came up through the prosecutorial ranks, and steadily reached further into the heights of power with hard work, the backing of her California roots and amazing background story. I cannot wait to see Attorney General Harris restore integrity to perhaps the most compromised US government agency of jolly grifters in this administration. If she does it with gusto, all the better Madam Attorney General.

(3) Secretary of Defense Pete Buttigieg. Mayor Pete as most of us know is a combat veteran who would be respected by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Generals, and the grunts unlike the political hacks now in charge of this important Department. Perhaps the most thoughtful and charismatic of the cabinet officials being proposed here, as a millennial one might expect that Mayor Pete is the best positioned to understand that national defense isn’t just about tanks and jets and naval carriers, but also a stronger transition toward leveraging 21st century technology tools: cyber warfare, artificial intelligence, robots, drones, 3D printing, and public health surveillance. In a pandemic where 105,000 Americans have rapidly perished before our eyes, where is the Pentagon in all of this- their ONLY goddam job is to keep Americans alive from security threats? There is an opportunity here both economically and militarily to turn the massive American killing machine into a leaner, meaner, and more environmentally friendly one powered by electric engines, alternative energy sources, and top shelf space technology. Mayor Pete has the executive experience and energy to get ‘er done.

(4) Secretary of Commerce Andrew Yang. Sure, Yang and his Yang Gang were a little bit out there. But his intense focus on Universal Basic Income or as he called it, the Freedom Dividend turned out to be entirely prescient well before the COVID-19 pandemic was this whole thing. He forced the entire Democratic establishment, and even conservative circles to debate the merits of giving all Americans free money. Now, even a Republican administration has been printing and giving out money like the Fed and Treasury are just free candy stores. Yang, as a successful tech entrepreneur and philanthropist already knows how to create jobs, and where the jobs of the future will like. He understands automation and artificial intelligence so well, it would be my hope that he would help a brotha, SECDEF Buttigieg out in collaboration. America’s economy as well as the world economy are currently on their knees. Yang would be able to help get us out. Not just because of his race, Yang also knows and understands China better than anyone in our current foreign policy establishment, and this would prove useful in the four years ahead where China promises to play an ever increasing role in the world economy.

(5) Health & Human Services Secretary Bernie Sanders. This one may be the most delicious sight to behold in 2021. We throw out the failed Alex Azar on his ass like the ashamed stray dog he is onto the street, and replace him with the foremost healthcare attack dog in the country, Bernie Sanders. Biden should just give him the health care folder and say “go run with it.” Bernie talks a big game about revolutionizing healthcare and other government systems, but these ideas are completely divorced from the political reality we live in. Improving the healthcare system is incremental, as Obama and Biden both know. But from this perch Bernie could finally get us out of this brutal pandemic, legalize marijuana and other drugs, incrementally repair Obamacare, health insurance, and exchanges over the next few years, initiate a badly needed preventative medicine program, raise service levels for all veterans, and launch us into 21st century medical technology to improve health outcomes throughout the population, for minorities and majorities alike. Do you have any doubt that Bernie, if given a choice to focus on a healthcare portfolio only, and some slack on his leash, would not torture the system relentlessly until it improved more than just incrementally?

(6) Secretary of State Beto O’Rourke. Who will lead the world on climate change? It has to be the United States, as there is nobody else to take the mantle if we do not. But time is running out for us all as Mike Pompeo ruins America’s good name each and every day. Who do we want to be the face of America to the rest of the world? This too is a tough question, one that I pondered upon the most. Diplomacy requires getting people throughout the State Department and around the world to listen, and whatever Beto’s lack of experience or gravitas, he makes up for it by his great storytelling. We need to tell the story about how America will take leadership of the world back after listing driftlessly for the last several years. We need to tell the story of how the world defeats climate change through swift action, cooperation, data, science, and technology. The story has to be inspiring. Nobody’s rhetoric soared higher in the last 2 years than Beto’s. With a good team of technocrats behind him, he is the guy to bring American foreign policy back to the position where it belongs.

(7) Treasury Secretary Amy Klobuchar. Treasury is more important during this depression, which will last into 2021 and perhaps beyond, than ever. Keeping the monetary system going at a time when every single locality in the globe has been affected by a global pandemic will be a challenge regardless of who is in charge. Enter the Klobuchar- a cornfed Midwesterner who understands Main Street as well as Wall Street and the industrial, agrarian, and frontier roots of America better than most Washington animals. She will be another runner-up in the Veepstakes, and ready to prove herself in a larger role than Minnesota Senator. We hope she emerges alright from the Minnesota Burning episode underway. If she does, she is a good person to run the dogged response to a balanced financial system.

(8) BONUS: Supreme Court Justice Michelle Obama. This one is admittedly a wild card. The highly popular Michelle Obama does not enjoy the spotlight or the political pressure cooker as much as the others on this list or her husband for that matter. But a lifetime appointment to the federal bench is different from pretending to enjoy kissing babies on the campaign trail or spend endless hours pretending to like your rich donors at fundraisers. Michelle’s daughters are now grown up, and being a judge does not require giving speeches in front of cameras or having your hairstyle endlessly dissected. Michelle has a law degree, legal experience, and a husband who was a Constitutional Law professor. She would help America bend towards justice after drifting toward the Dark Side in recent years. And I have no doubt that the Democratically controlled Senate would approve her.

If you aren’t salivating at the list I have put together above to helm this country out of the epically rough time we are in, there may be something wrong with you.

Mahanth S. Joishy is Editor of United States-India Monitor

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