EPIC #TRUMPVIRUS TAKEDOWN, Part 2: US Coronavirus is “Trump-Made” per Indian Journalist


Sometimes we need a foreign voice to tell us how badly America has fallen, because foreigners have something we Americans do not: perspective. It’s hard to have perspective when #MAGAts goaded on by the White House are planning to defy stay at home orders with an unsafe gathering one block from your home, which is the position I find myself in.

This is the second in a series of fact-based flaying of the United States response to the pandemic, which is going to be worse than fifty different 9/11s across America would have been when it comes to lives lost and economic destruction. I will continue to encourage readers to view these thoughtful pieces by India’s WION and Executive Editor Palki Sharma as they become available. She is more eloquently fitting the puzzle pieces together better than just about any US journalists, or more importantly I are capable of doing. Sharma is the only Indian television journalist I’ve seen in this league when it comes to figuring out how this orangutan operates during the pandemic.

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