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Unlike most of you, I was born in a dictatorship country, and spent some additional formative childhood years in a different dictatorship country in a different region of the world – a far crueler monarchy at the time.  Which particular countries they happen to be, or how good life was for me or my family in either are irrelevant.

I learned at a young age not only the positive aspects of absolute strongman power, of which there are a few, but also the darker sides- like not having free speech in public, in newspapers, or on TV; having your religious trinkets thrown into the garbage by airport security; watching religious police roam the roads with canes, free to beat any man, woman, or child they wanted, whenever they wanted, legally, gleefully, out in the open.

I bring up these childhood memories for only one reason: to ring a loud Code Red Alarm Bell for all of you Americans out there who have never lived under a dictatorship or studied one.  Wake up.  The transition is happening right now, in 2018, before our very eyes.

Also unlike most of you, I also took an oath of loyalty to the United States at age 9.  As an American by choice, this is an especially confusing time.

Lately I have become an increasingly detached philosophical observer of this phenomenon of America turning into a dictatorship.  So extreme is our situation, not only in America but for the whole planet, that we must leapfrog all manner of social studies such as history, sociology, or civics and dive straight into philosophy.

The setup is too perfect.  In one corner, a conman narcissistic nut job who gladly cheated in his business life and personal life at every turn.   Seriously, the dude never met an ethical violation he didn’t like.  Shockingly, the guy then openly cheated to win the 2016 primaries and general election as well, with past decades forming a mountain of slime and dirt.

In the other corner, we have two establishment political parties who couldn’t manage to outfox the obvious con somewhere, anywhere along the dark rabbit hole that unbelievably went from Trump Tower to the White House, a dark corridor of crazy that was the 2016 campaign season.

With a historically corrupt and evil GOP backing the wannabe dictator, we shouldn’t be surprised that a certain perjurer and liar temperamentally unfit for a Supreme Court nomination is going to sit on the bench.  This is the kind of bush league move that dictators and devils do and get away with all the time.  I went to college with numerous entitled pricks exactly like Kavanaugh.  He is such an obvious fraud and Trump lapdog, literally working in the White House itself throughout the confirmation process, embedded just like he was with Dr. Ford and Mark Judge, that the judiciary branch of government has perhaps permanently and effectively relinquished its long run as an august, politically independent body.  It’s as corrupt as the other two branches, and maybe was years before anyway.  “Sober as a judge” has now lost ALL meaning.

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The vomit-inducing, disgusting and sickening white male chauvinist display by the wholly unfit Brett Kavanaugh, Senate Republicans, and the White House during the confirmation marked the end of one of the three guard rails of the Devil’s Triangle that tenuously holds democracy intact as of today.

There are only two things left now between us and dictatorship: Robert Mueller and the November 6th election.  Both guard rails will need to hold strong and true, or democracy is over.  It can’t just be Mueller without a blue wave in November, nor would a blue wave without Mueller be enough for democracy to survive.

Act accordingly, Americans.  Otherwise soon, you will no longer have to take my word for it.

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