What the Heck Would the Indian Classical Music version of Star Wars Theme Songs Sound Like???

Well, now we know.

To many Americans, Indian classical music may sound like it’s from a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.  But thanks to arranger/composer/student Tushar Lall and the Indian Jam Project’s Star Wars tribute, it has been given a much more familiar and accessible touch.  This playful rendition of the Star Wars songs many of us grew up with is easy listening at its best.  And if you like this, Indian Jam Project has numerous other fusion songs available.  Fusion music often falls flat, doing justice to neither of its parent genres, but not in this case.  The ancient notes from the tablas, sitar, flute, and bharatanatyam dance moves somehow blend seamlessly into the futuristic Star Wars chords.

I wouldn’t be too shocked if Luke Skywalker has this song on his playlist, wherever he is right now.  Watch it below!



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