Abu Rumaysah, the Hindu Brit who Joined Islamic State

Here is the bizarre story of Abu Humaysah, who used to be called Siddartha Dhar, a former Hindu who seems to have escaped from Britain to go live under the Islamic State’s Caliphate in Syria.  This should hit close to home to all Indians and all Hindus.

He took his family with him.  Vice News produced this video, amongst many other excellent documentary shorts that delve into the Islamic State.

While the circumstances of this man’s life may seem strange, I believe it is worth trying to understand what motivates individuals such as this one.  He is cut from the same cloth as the Charlie Hebdo killers, though the Hindu background is more unique.  As reported in the Atlantic, “Abu Rumaysah tweeted out a picture of himself with a Kalashnikov in one arm and his newborn son in the other. Hashtag: #GenerationKhilafah.”

We must recognize the ideology is seductive to men and even women of all backgrounds.  Indians are certainly not immune, as we are finding out Indians are joining Islamic State in droves.  To be fair, so are citizens from just about every damn country in the world.

Mahanth S. Joishy is Editor of usindiamonitor

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