HOTTEST Photos EVER of Americans Wearing Indian

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Indian fashion absolutely demolishes anything that the Western houses of design manage to stitch together.  It’s hard to blame the Western world.  Indians have been wearing various iterations of gorgeous and colorful saris and kurthas for thousands of years now with style.  The contrast is even starker in men’s wear.

Small wonder then that in the 21st century American singers, actresses and models whether black, white or Latin have decided to foray into Indian high fashion by getting into some Indian clothing, either for work, such as film or music videos, or for fun. It’s like a pilgrimage of panache.  Look how HAPPY these celebrities look in Indian (with the exception of Julia Roberts who may be dreaming about her thigh high boots).

usindiamonitor decided to do you a solid favor by curating the very best photos to be found on the web of American ladies donning Indian clothing. It’s hard work but somebody had to do it.  😉 

This list is clearly subjective and even more importantly, the most shamelessly shallow thing that usindiamonitor has ever done.  But as they say, all work and no play makes Jack – or Janardhan – a dull boy.

You can accuse us of being shallow but just try NOT to look through all these photos.  Indian garb has that perfect cocktail of sweet and tart, or demure and alluring.  It makes everyone look just a bit classier- even Paris.

Kudos also to the talented photographers for their, um, exposure.  And speaking of US-India “relations,” do you think the two countries would ever argue again on any subject, if Obama and Modi saw this ???

You’re welcome,



PS: Readers considering trying on one of these outfits for the first time are encouraged to take a bathroom break prior to the saree show ‘n tell.

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